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Build System Integration

Starting with Robolectric 3.3, the test runner will look for a file named /com/android/tools/ on the classpath. If it is found, it will be used to provide the default manifest, resource, and asset locations for tests, without the need to specify @Config(constants=BuildConfig.class) or @Config(manifest="...", res="...", assetDir="...") in your tests.

This gives build system implementors the ability to perform manifest, asset and resource preprocessing and merging for tests using the same strategy it would when building the APK, rather than leaving it up to Robolectric.

This supersedes Robolectric's support for merging multiple libraries specified via @Config(libraries = {"lib1", "lib2"}) and support from legacy Eclipse ADT projects.

Keys in the file:

  • android_merged_manifest: Full path to the project's merged AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • android_merged_resources: Full path to the project's merged resources.
  • android_merged_assets: Full path to the project's merged assets.
  • android_custom_package: Java package name for the applications R class.
  • android_resource_apk: Path to a resources.ap_ file that contains binary resources and XML files produced by aapt tool, as well as merged assets.

Note that Robolectric expects that build systems will have performed final R.class generation by the time unit tests are run.

For merged Raw resource support:

For Binary resource support: