Class SQLiteShadowPicker<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ShadowCursorWindow.Picker, ShadowSQLiteConnection.Picker

public class SQLiteShadowPicker<T> extends Object implements ShadowPicker<T>
A ShadowPicker that selects between shadows given the SQLite mode
  • Constructor Details

    • SQLiteShadowPicker

      public SQLiteShadowPicker(Class<? extends T> legacyShadowClass, Class<? extends T> nativeShadowClass)
  • Method Details

    • pickShadowClass

      public Class<? extends T> pickShadowClass()
      Description copied from interface: ShadowPicker
      Determines the shadow class to be used depending on the configuration of the org.robolectric.internal.Environment. Must be deterministic.
      Specified by:
      pickShadowClass in interface ShadowPicker<T>
      the shadow class to be used
    • getAffectedClasses

      public static<String> getAffectedClasses()
      Returns a list of shadow classes that need to be invalidated when the SQLite Mode is switched.