Class FrameMetricsBuilder


public final class FrameMetricsBuilder
extends Object
Class to build FrameMetrics
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    • setMetric

      public FrameMetricsBuilder setMetric​(int metric, long value)
      Sets the given metric to the given value.

      If this is not called for a certain metric, that metric will be assumed to have the value 0. The value of frameMetrics.getMetric(FrameMetrics.TOTAL_DURATION) will be equal to the sum of all non-boolean metrics and the value given to {@link this#setSyncDelayTimeNanos(long)}.

    • setSyncDelayTimeNanos

      public FrameMetricsBuilder setSyncDelayTimeNanos​(long syncDelayTimeNanos)
      Sets the delay time between when drawing finishes and syncing begins. If unset, defaults to 0.
    • build

      public FrameMetrics build() throws Exception