Class RollbackInfoBuilder

  • public final class RollbackInfoBuilder
    extends Object
    Builder for RollbackInfo as RollbackInfo has hidden constructors, this builder class has been added as a way to make custom RollbackInfo objects when needed.
    • Method Detail

      • setRollbackId

        public RollbackInfoBuilder setRollbackId​(int rollbackId)
        Sets the id of the rollback.
      • setPackages

        public RollbackInfoBuilder setPackages​(List<android.content.rollback.PackageRollbackInfo> packages)
        Sets the packages of the rollback.
      • setIsStaged

        public RollbackInfoBuilder setIsStaged​(boolean isStaged)
        Sets the staged status of the rollback.
      • setCommittedSessionId

        public RollbackInfoBuilder setCommittedSessionId​(int committedSessionId)
        Sets the committed session id of the rollback.
      • build

        public android.content.rollback.RollbackInfo build()
        Returns a RollbackInfo with the data that was given.