Class Shadow

  • public class Shadow
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • Shadow

        public Shadow()
    • Method Detail

      • extract

        public static <T> T extract​(Object instance)
        Retrieve corresponding Shadow of the object.
      • newInstanceOf

        public static <T> T newInstanceOf​(Class<T> clazz)
      • newInstanceOf

        public static Object newInstanceOf​(String className)
      • newInstance

        public static <T> T newInstance​(Class<T> clazz,
                                        Class[] parameterTypes,
                                        Object[] params)
      • directlyOn

        public static <T> T directlyOn​(T shadowedObject,
                                       Class<T> clazz)
        This is incompatible with JDK17+. Use a Reflector interface with Direct.
        Returns a proxy object that invokes the original $$robo$$-prefixed methods whenever a method on the proxy is invoked. This is primarily used to invoke original methods in shadow implementations.
      • directMethodName

        public static String directMethodName​(String className,
                                              String methodName)
      • directInitialize

        public static void directInitialize​(Class<?> clazz)