Class ResTable_config

  • public class ResTable_config
    extends Object
    Describes a particular resource configuration. Transliterated from: * * (struct ResTable_config) Changes from 8.0.0_r4 partially applied.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ResTable_config

        public ResTable_config​(int size,
                               int mcc,
                               int mnc,
                               byte[] language,
                               byte[] country,
                               int orientation,
                               int touchscreen,
                               int density,
                               int keyboard,
                               int navigation,
                               int inputFlags,
                               int screenWidth,
                               int screenHeight,
                               int sdkVersion,
                               int minorVersion,
                               int screenLayout,
                               int uiMode,
                               int smallestScreenWidthDp,
                               int screenWidthDp,
                               int screenHeightDp,
                               byte[] localeScript,
                               byte[] localeVariant,
                               byte screenLayout2,
                               byte colorMode,
                               short screenConfigPad2,
                               byte[] unknown)
      • ResTable_config

        public ResTable_config()
    • Method Detail

      • languageString

        public final String languageString()
        Returns language as an unpacked string representation.
      • localeScriptString

        public final String localeScriptString()
        Returns the localeScript as a string.
      • localeVariantString

        public final String localeVariantString()
        Returns the localeVariant as a string.
      • colorModeWideColorGamut

        public final int colorModeWideColorGamut()
        Returns the wide color gamut section of colorMode.
      • colorModeHdr

        public final int colorModeHdr()
        Returns the HDR section of colorMode.
      • regionString

        public final String regionString()
        Returns country as an unpacked string representation.
      • scriptString

        public final String scriptString()
      • keyboardHidden

        public final int keyboardHidden()
      • keyboardHidden

        public final void keyboardHidden​(int value)
      • navigationHidden

        public final int navigationHidden()
      • navigationHidden

        public final void navigationHidden​(int value)
      • withSdkVersion

        public final ResTable_config withSdkVersion​(int sdkVersion)
        Returns a copy of this resource configuration with a different sdkVersion, or this configuration if the sdkVersion is the same.
        sdkVersion - The SDK version of the returned configuration.
        A copy of this configuration with the only difference being #sdkVersion.
      • screenLayoutDirection

        public final int screenLayoutDirection()
      • screenLayoutDirection

        public final void screenLayoutDirection​(int value)
      • screenLayoutSize

        public final int screenLayoutSize()
      • screenLayoutSize

        public final void screenLayoutSize​(int value)
      • screenLayoutLong

        public final int screenLayoutLong()
      • screenLayoutLong

        public final void screenLayoutLong​(int value)
      • screenLayoutRound

        public final int screenLayoutRound()
      • screenLayoutRound

        public final void screenLayoutRound​(int value)
      • uiModeType

        public final int uiModeType()
      • uiModeType

        public final void uiModeType​(int value)
      • uiModeNight

        public final int uiModeNight()
      • uiModeNight

        public final void uiModeNight​(int value)
      • packLanguage

        public void packLanguage​(String language)
      • packRegion

        public void packRegion​(String region)
      • isDefault

        public final boolean isDefault()
        Returns true if this is the default "any" configuration.
      • setBcp47Locale

        public void setBcp47Locale​(String in)