Interface DependencyResolver

All Known Implementing Classes:
LegacyDependencyResolver, LocalDependencyResolver, MavenDependencyResolver, PropertiesDependencyResolver

public interface DependencyResolver
Provides mapping between a Maven coordinate (e.g. org.robolectric:android-all:7.1.0_r7-robolectric-r1) and a file on disk (e.g. android-all-7.1.0_r7-robolectric-r1.jar).

An instance of DependencyResolver is employed when DefaultSdkProvider is used.

See org.robolectric.pluginapi for instructions for providing your own implementation.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    URL getLocalArtifactUrl​(DependencyJar dependency)  
    default URL[] getLocalArtifactUrls​(DependencyJar dependency)
    Robolectric will never ask for a dependency composed of more than one artifact, so this method isn't necessary.