Class RuntimeEnvironment


public class RuntimeEnvironment extends Object
  • Field Details

    • systemContext

      @Deprecated public static Context systemContext
      Use getApplication() instead. Note that unlike the alternative, this field is inherently incompatible with LazyApplication. This field may be removed in a later release
    • application

      @Deprecated public static volatile Application application
      Please use {#getApplication} instead. Accessing this field directly is inherently incompatible with LazyApplication and Robolectric makes no guarantees if a test *modifies* this field during execution.
    • compileTimeSystemResourcesFile

      public static Path compileTimeSystemResourcesFile
  • Constructor Details

    • RuntimeEnvironment

      public RuntimeEnvironment()
  • Method Details

    • getApplication

      public static Application getApplication()
      Get a reference to the Application under test.

      The Application may be created a test setup time or created lazily at call time, based on the test's LazyApplication setting. If lazy loading is enabled, this method must be called on the main/test thread.

      An alternate API outside of Robolectric is, which is preferable if you desire cross platform tests that work on the JVM and real Android devices.

    • setApplicationSupplier

      public static void setApplicationSupplier(<Application> applicationSupplier)
      internal use only
    • getConfiguredApplicationClass

      public static Class<? extends Application> getConfiguredApplicationClass()
    • setConfiguredApplicationClass

      public static void setConfiguredApplicationClass(Class<? extends Application> clazz)
    • isMainThread

      public static boolean isMainThread(Thread thread)
      Tests if the given thread is currently set as the main thread.
      thread - the thread to test.
      true if the specified thread is the main thread, false otherwise.
      See Also:
    • isMainThread

      public static boolean isMainThread()
      Tests if the current thread is currently set as the main thread.

      Not supported in realistic looper mode.

      true if the current thread is the main thread, false otherwise.
    • getMainThread

      public static Thread getMainThread()
      Retrieves the main thread. The main thread is the thread to which the main looper is attached. Defaults to the thread that initialises the RuntimeEnvironment class.

      Not supported in realistic looper mode.

      The main thread.
      See Also:
    • setMainThread

      public static void setMainThread(Thread newMainThread)
      Sets the main thread. The main thread is the thread to which the main looper is attached. Defaults to the thread that initialises the RuntimeEnvironment class.

      Not supported in realistic looper mode.

      newMainThread - the new main thread.
      See Also:
    • getActivityThread

      public static Object getActivityThread()
    • setActivityThread

      public static void setActivityThread(Object newActivityThread)
    • getQualifiers

      public static String getQualifiers()
      Returns a qualifier string describing the current Configuration of the system resources.
      a qualifier string as described ([here].
    • getQualifiers

      public static String getQualifiers(Configuration configuration, DisplayMetrics displayMetrics)
      Returns a qualifier string describing the given configuration and display metrics.
      configuration - the configuration.
      displayMetrics - the display metrics.
      a qualifier string as described ([here].
    • setQualifiers

      public static void setQualifiers(String newQualifiers)
      Overrides the current device configuration.

      If starts with a plus ('+'), the prior configuration is used as the base configuration, with the given changes applied additively. Otherwise, default values are used for unspecified properties, as described here.

      newQualifiers - the qualifiers to apply
    • setFontScale

      public static void setFontScale(float fontScale)
    • getFontScale

      public static float getFontScale()
    • getApiLevel

      public static int getApiLevel()
    • castNativePtr

      public static Number castNativePtr(long ptr)
    • getMasterScheduler

      public static Scheduler getMasterScheduler()
      Retrieves the current master scheduler. This scheduler is always used by the main Looper, and if the global scheduler option is set it is also used for the background scheduler and for all other Loopers
      The current master scheduler.
      See Also:
    • setMasterScheduler

      public static void setMasterScheduler(Scheduler masterScheduler)
      Sets the current master scheduler. See getMasterScheduler() for details. Note that this method is primarily intended to be called by the Robolectric core setup code. Changing the master scheduler during a test will have unpredictable results.
      masterScheduler - the new master scheduler.
      See Also:
    • setSystemResourceTable

      public static void setSystemResourceTable(ResourceTable systemResourceTable)
    • setAppResourceTable

      public static void setAppResourceTable(ResourceTable appResourceTable)
    • getSystemResourceTable

      public static ResourceTable getSystemResourceTable()
    • getAppResourceTable

      public static ResourceTable getAppResourceTable()
    • setCompileTimeResourceTable

      public static void setCompileTimeResourceTable(ResourceTable compileTimeResourceTable)
    • getCompileTimeResourceTable

      public static ResourceTable getCompileTimeResourceTable()
    • setTempDirectory

      public static void setTempDirectory(TempDirectory tempDirectory)
    • getTempDirectory

      public static TempDirectory getTempDirectory()
    • setAndroidFrameworkJarPath

      public static void setAndroidFrameworkJarPath(Path localArtifactPath)
    • getAndroidFrameworkJarPath

      public static Path getAndroidFrameworkJarPath()
    • useLegacyResources

      @Deprecated public static boolean useLegacyResources()
      Do not use.
      Internal only.