Class ShadowSigningInfo


@Implements(, minSdk=28) public class ShadowSigningInfo extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowSigningInfo

      public ShadowSigningInfo()
  • Method Details

    • setSignatures

      public void setSignatures(Signature[] signatures)
      Set the current Signatures for this package. If signatures has a size greater than 1, hasMultipleSigners() will be true and getSigningCertificateHistory() will return null.
    • setPastSigningCertificates

      public void setPastSigningCertificates(Signature[] pastSigningCertificates)
      Sets the history of Signatures for this package.
    • hasMultipleSigners

      @Implementation protected boolean hasMultipleSigners()
    • hasPastSigningCertificates

      @Implementation protected boolean hasPastSigningCertificates()
    • getSigningCertificateHistory

      @Implementation protected Signature[] getSigningCertificateHistory()
    • getApkContentsSigners

      @Implementation protected Signature[] getApkContentsSigners()
    • writeToParcel

      @Implementation public void writeToParcel(Parcel parcel, int flags)