Class ShadowNativeBitmapDrawable

Disable the legacy ShadowBitmapDrawable as it fakes the draw logic.
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowNativeBitmapDrawable

      public ShadowNativeBitmapDrawable()
  • Method Details

    • getCreatedFromResId

      public int getCreatedFromResId()
      Description copied from class: ShadowBitmapDrawable
      Returns the resource id that this BitmapDrawable was loaded from. This lets your tests assert that the bitmap is correct without having to actually load the bitmap.
      getCreatedFromResId in class ShadowBitmapDrawable
      resource id from which this BitmapDrawable was loaded
    • setCreatedFromResId

      protected void setCreatedFromResId(int createdFromResId, String resourceName)
      setCreatedFromResId in class ShadowBitmapDrawable