Class ShadowLocationManager.ProviderProperties

Enclosing class:

public static class ShadowLocationManager.ProviderProperties extends Object
ProviderProperties is not public prior to S, so a new class is required to represent it prior to that platform.
  • Constructor Details

    • ProviderProperties

      public ProviderProperties(boolean requiresNetwork, boolean requiresSatellite, boolean requiresCell, boolean hasMonetaryCost, boolean supportsAltitude, boolean supportsSpeed, boolean supportsBearing, int powerRequirement, int accuracy)
    • ProviderProperties

      public ProviderProperties(Criteria criteria)
  • Method Details

    • hasNetworkRequirement

      public boolean hasNetworkRequirement()
    • hasSatelliteRequirement

      public boolean hasSatelliteRequirement()
    • isRequiresCell

      public boolean isRequiresCell()
    • isHasMonetaryCost

      public boolean isHasMonetaryCost()
    • hasAltitudeSupport

      public boolean hasAltitudeSupport()
    • hasSpeedSupport

      public boolean hasSpeedSupport()
    • hasBearingSupport

      public boolean hasBearingSupport()
    • getPowerUsage

      public int getPowerUsage()
    • getAccuracy

      public int getAccuracy()