Class ShadowLegacySystemClock


A shadow SystemClock for LooperMode.Mode.LEGACY

In LEGACY LooperMode, Robolectric's concept of current time is base on the current time of the UI Scheduler for consistency with previous implementations. This is not ideal, since both schedulers (background and foreground), can see different values for the current time.

  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowLegacySystemClock

      public ShadowLegacySystemClock()
  • Method Details

    • sleep

      @Implementation protected static void sleep(long millis)
    • setCurrentTimeMillis

      @Implementation protected static boolean setCurrentTimeMillis(long millis)
    • uptimeMillis

      @Implementation protected static long uptimeMillis()
    • elapsedRealtime

      @Implementation protected static long elapsedRealtime()
    • elapsedRealtimeNanos

      @Implementation protected static long elapsedRealtimeNanos()
    • currentThreadTimeMillis

      @Implementation protected static long currentThreadTimeMillis()
    • currentThreadTimeMicro

      @HiddenApi @Implementation public static long currentThreadTimeMicro()
    • currentTimeMicro

      @HiddenApi @Implementation public static long currentTimeMicro()
    • currentTimeMillis

      public static long currentTimeMillis()
      Implements System.currentTimeMillis() through ShadowWrangler.
      Current time in millis.
    • nanoTime

      public static long nanoTime()
      Implements System.nanoTime() through ShadowWrangler.
      Current time with nanos.
    • setNanoTime

      public static void setNanoTime(long nanoTime)
    • currentNetworkTimeMillis

      @Implementation(minSdk=28) @HiddenApi protected static long currentNetworkTimeMillis()
    • reset

      @Resetter public static void reset()