Class ShadowLegacyMatrix


@Implements(, isInAndroidSdk=false) public class ShadowLegacyMatrix extends ShadowMatrix
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowLegacyMatrix

      public ShadowLegacyMatrix()
  • Method Details

    • __constructor__

      @Implementation protected void __constructor__(Matrix src)
    • getPreOperations

      public List<String> getPreOperations()
      A list of all 'pre' operations performed on this Matrix. The last operation performed will be first in the list.
      Specified by:
      getPreOperations in class ShadowMatrix
      A list of all 'pre' operations performed on this Matrix.
    • getPostOperations

      public List<String> getPostOperations()
      A list of all 'post' operations performed on this Matrix. The last operation performed will be last in the list.
      Specified by:
      getPostOperations in class ShadowMatrix
      A list of all 'post' operations performed on this Matrix.
    • getSetOperations

      public Map<String,String> getSetOperations()
      A map of all 'set' operations performed on this Matrix.
      Specified by:
      getSetOperations in class ShadowMatrix
      A map of all 'set' operations performed on this Matrix.
    • isIdentity

      @Implementation protected boolean isIdentity()
    • isAffine

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected boolean isAffine()
    • rectStaysRect

      @Implementation protected boolean rectStaysRect()
    • getValues

      @Implementation protected void getValues(float[] values)
    • setValues

      @Implementation protected void setValues(float[] values)
    • set

      @Implementation protected void set(Matrix src)
    • reset

      @Implementation protected void reset()
    • setTranslate

      @Implementation protected void setTranslate(float dx, float dy)
    • setScale

      @Implementation protected void setScale(float sx, float sy, float px, float py)
    • setScale

      @Implementation protected void setScale(float sx, float sy)
    • setRotate

      @Implementation protected void setRotate(float degrees, float px, float py)
    • setRotate

      @Implementation protected void setRotate(float degrees)
    • setSinCos

      @Implementation protected void setSinCos(float sinValue, float cosValue, float px, float py)
    • setSinCos

      @Implementation protected void setSinCos(float sinValue, float cosValue)
    • setSkew

      @Implementation protected void setSkew(float kx, float ky, float px, float py)
    • setSkew

      @Implementation protected void setSkew(float kx, float ky)
    • setConcat

      @Implementation protected boolean setConcat(Matrix a, Matrix b)
    • preTranslate

      @Implementation protected boolean preTranslate(float dx, float dy)
    • preScale

      @Implementation protected boolean preScale(float sx, float sy, float px, float py)
    • preScale

      @Implementation protected boolean preScale(float sx, float sy)
    • preRotate

      @Implementation protected boolean preRotate(float degrees, float px, float py)
    • preRotate

      @Implementation protected boolean preRotate(float degrees)
    • preSkew

      @Implementation protected boolean preSkew(float kx, float ky, float px, float py)
    • preSkew

      @Implementation protected boolean preSkew(float kx, float ky)
    • preConcat

      @Implementation protected boolean preConcat(Matrix other)
    • postTranslate

      @Implementation protected boolean postTranslate(float dx, float dy)
    • postScale

      @Implementation protected boolean postScale(float sx, float sy, float px, float py)
    • postScale

      @Implementation protected boolean postScale(float sx, float sy)
    • postRotate

      @Implementation protected boolean postRotate(float degrees, float px, float py)
    • postRotate

      @Implementation protected boolean postRotate(float degrees)
    • postSkew

      @Implementation protected boolean postSkew(float kx, float ky, float px, float py)
    • postSkew

      @Implementation protected boolean postSkew(float kx, float ky)
    • postConcat

      @Implementation protected boolean postConcat(Matrix other)
    • invert

      @Implementation protected boolean invert(Matrix inverse)
    • getAffineTransform

      protected java.awt.geom.AffineTransform getAffineTransform()
    • mapPoint

      public PointF mapPoint(float x, float y)
    • mapPoint

      public PointF mapPoint(PointF point)
    • mapRect

      @Implementation protected boolean mapRect(RectF destination, RectF source)
    • mapPoints

      @Implementation protected void mapPoints(float[] dst, int dstIndex, float[] src, int srcIndex, int pointCount)
    • mapVectors

      @Implementation protected void mapVectors(float[] dst, int dstIndex, float[] src, int srcIndex, int vectorCount)
    • mapRadius

      @Implementation protected float mapRadius(float radius)
    • setRectToRect

      @Implementation protected boolean setRectToRect(RectF src, RectF dst, Matrix.ScaleToFit stf)
    • equals

      @Implementation public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      @Implementation public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      Specified by:
      getDescription in class ShadowMatrix