Class ResourceTypes.ResStringPool_header

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public static class ResourceTypes.ResStringPool_header extends Object
Definition for a pool of strings. The data of this chunk is an array of uint32_t providing indices into the pool, relative to stringsStart. At stringsStart are all of the UTF-16 strings concatenated together; each starts with a uint16_t of the string's length and each ends with a 0x0000 terminator. If a string is > 32767 characters, the high bit of the length is set meaning to take those 15 bits as a high word and it will be followed by another uint16_t containing the low word. If styleCount is not zero, then immediately following the array of uint32_t indices into the string table is another array of indices into a style table starting at stylesStart. Each entry in the style table is an array of ResStringPool_span structures.
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    • ResStringPool_header

      public ResStringPool_header(ByteBuffer buf, int offset)
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    • getByte

      public int getByte(int i)
    • getShort

      public int getShort(int i)
    • myBuf

      public final ByteBuffer myBuf()
    • myOffset

      public final int myOffset()
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      public String toString()
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