Class ImageReaderSurfaceImageNatives


public final class ImageReaderSurfaceImageNatives extends Object
Native methods for ImageReader JNI registration.

Native method signatures are derived from:

 API 31/32 (S, S_V2, Android 12, all above)

 API 30 (R, Android 11)

 API 29 (Q, Android 10)
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageReaderSurfaceImageNatives

      public ImageReaderSurfaceImageNatives()
  • Method Details

    • nativeCreatePlanes

      public Object[] nativeCreatePlanes(int numPlanes, int readerFormat, long readerUsage)
    • nativeGetWidth

      public int nativeGetWidth()
    • nativeGetHeight

      public int nativeGetHeight()
    • nativeGetFormat

      public int nativeGetFormat(int readerFormat)
    • nativeSurfaceImageCreatePlanes

      public static Object[] nativeSurfaceImageCreatePlanes(Object realSurfaceImage, int numPlanes, int readerFormat, long readerUsage)
      RNG-specific native trampoline methods to invoke the native member functions on the proper SurfaceImage object reference.
    • nativeSurfaceImageGetWidth

      public static int nativeSurfaceImageGetWidth(Object realSurfaceImage)
    • nativeSurfaceImageGetHeight

      public static int nativeSurfaceImageGetHeight(Object realSurfaceImage)
    • nativeSurfaceImageGetFormat

      public static int nativeSurfaceImageGetFormat(Object realSurfaceImage, int readerFormat)