Class ShadowIsoDep

public class ShadowIsoDep
extends ShadowBasicTagTechnology
Extends IsoDep to allow for testing.

Control the allowed packet size with setExtendedLengthApduSupported(boolean) and setMaxTransceiveLength(int). Note that extended Apdu packets have a max transceive length of 0x10008 but most hardware implementations will have a lower limit. If extended length apdus are not supported, the theoretical max transceive length is 0x105 but, again, may be lower in practice.

Dictate the Apdu response returned in transceive(byte[]) via setTransceiveResponse(byte[]) or setNextTransceiveResponse(byte[]). The former will be returned with every call to transceive while the later will be returned only once. If neither is set, transceive will throw an IOException.