Class ShadowColor


public class ShadowColor
extends Object
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    • RGBToHSV

      @Implementation protected static void RGBToHSV​(int red, int green, int blue, float[] hsv)
      This is implemented in native code in the Android SDK.

      Since HSV == HSB then the implementation from Color can be used, with a small adjustment to the representation of the hue.

      Color represents hue as 0..1 (where 1 == 100% == 360 degrees), while Color represents hue as 0..360 degrees. The correct hue can be calculated by multiplying with 360.

      red - Red component
      green - Green component
      blue - Blue component
      hsv - Array to store HSV components
    • HSVToColor

      @Implementation protected static int HSVToColor​(int alpha, float[] hsv)