Class LocalActivityInvoker

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public class LocalActivityInvoker
extends Object
An ActivityInvoker that drives Activity lifecycles manually.

All the methods in this class are blocking API.

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    • startActivity

      public void startActivity​(Intent intent, @Nullable Bundle activityOptions)
      Specified by:
      startActivity in interface
    • startActivity

      public void startActivity​(Intent intent)
      Specified by:
      startActivity in interface
    • startActivityForResult

      public void startActivityForResult​(Intent intent, @Nullable Bundle activityOptions)
    • startActivityForResult

      public void startActivityForResult​(Intent intent)
    • getActivityResult

      public Instrumentation.ActivityResult getActivityResult()
      Specified by:
      getActivityResult in interface
    • resumeActivity

      public void resumeActivity​(Activity activity)
      Specified by:
      resumeActivity in interface
    • pauseActivity

      public void pauseActivity​(Activity activity)
      Specified by:
      pauseActivity in interface
    • stopActivity

      public void stopActivity​(Activity activity)
      Specified by:
      stopActivity in interface
    • recreateActivity

      public void recreateActivity​(Activity activity)
      Specified by:
      recreateActivity in interface
    • finishActivity

      public void finishActivity​(Activity activity)
      Specified by:
      finishActivity in interface
    • getIntentForActivity

      public Intent getIntentForActivity​(Class<? extends Activity> activityClass)
      Specified by:
      getIntentForActivity in interface