Class ShadowWindow

    • Constructor Detail

      • ShadowWindow

        public ShadowWindow()
    • Method Detail

      • setFlags

        protected void setFlags​(int flags,
                                int mask)
      • setSoftInputMode

        protected void setSoftInputMode​(int softInputMode)
      • getFlag

        public boolean getFlag​(int flag)
      • getPrivateFlag

        public boolean getPrivateFlag​(int flag)
        Return the value from a private flag (a.k.a system flag).

        Private flags can be set via either addPrivateFlags(int) (SDK 19-30) or addSystemFlags(int) (SDK 29+) methods.

      • getSoftInputMode

        public int getSoftInputMode()
      • getBackgroundDrawable

        public Drawable getBackgroundDrawable()
      • reportOnFrameMetricsAvailable

        public void reportOnFrameMetricsAvailable​(FrameMetrics frameMetrics)
        Calls Window.OnFrameMetrisAvailableListener#onFrameMetricsAvailable() on each current listener with 0 as the dropCountSinceLastInvocation.
      • reportOnFrameMetricsAvailable

        public void reportOnFrameMetricsAvailable​(FrameMetrics frameMetrics,
                                                  int dropCountSinceLastInvocation)
        Calls Window.OnFrameMetrisAvailableListener#onFrameMetricsAvailable() on each current listener.
        frameMetrics - the FrameMetrics instance passed to the listeners.
        dropCountSinceLastInvocation - the dropCountSinceLastInvocation passed to the listeners.