Class ShadowService

    • Constructor Detail

      • ShadowService

        public ShadowService()
    • Method Detail

      • stopSelfResult

        protected boolean stopSelfResult​(int id)
      • stopForeground

        protected void stopForeground​(boolean removeNotification)
      • getLastForegroundNotificationId

        public int getLastForegroundNotificationId()
      • getLastForegroundNotification

        public Notification getLastForegroundNotification()
      • isLastForegroundNotificationAttached

        public boolean isLastForegroundNotificationAttached()
        Returns whether the last foreground notification is still "attached" to the service, meaning it will be removed when the service is destroyed.
      • isStoppedBySelf

        public boolean isStoppedBySelf()
        Is this service stopped by self.
      • isForegroundStopped

        public boolean isForegroundStopped()
      • getNotificationShouldRemoved

        public boolean getNotificationShouldRemoved()