Class ShadowMotionEvent

  • @Implements(android.view.MotionEvent.class)
    public class ShadowMotionEvent
    extends Object
    Shadow of MotionEvent. The Android framework stores motion events in a pool of native objects. All motion event data is stored natively, and accessed via a series of static native methods following the pattern nativeGetXXXX(mNativePtr, ...) This shadow mirrors this design, but has java equivalents of each native object. Most of the contents of this class were transliterated from oreo-mr1 (SDK 27) frameworks/base/core/jni/android_view_MotionEvent.cpp
    See Also:
    core/jni/android_view_MotionEvent.cpp Tests should not reference this class directly. MotionEvents should be created via one of the MotionEvent.obtain methods or via MotionEventBuilder.