Class ShadowActivity.IntentSenderRequest

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class ShadowActivity.IntentSenderRequest
    extends Object
    Class to holds details of a startIntentSenderForResult request.
    • Field Detail

      • requestCode

        public final int requestCode
      • flagsMask

        public final int flagsMask
      • flagsValues

        public final int flagsValues
      • extraFlags

        public final int extraFlags
      • options

        public final Bundle options
    • Constructor Detail

      • IntentSenderRequest

        public IntentSenderRequest​(IntentSender intentSender,
                                   int requestCode,
                                   Intent fillInIntent,
                                   int flagsMask,
                                   int flagsValues,
                                   int extraFlags,
                                   Bundle options)