Class RoundRectangle

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Shape, Cloneable

    public class RoundRectangle
    extends RectangularShape
    Defines a rectangle with rounded corners, where the sizes of the corners are potentially different.

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    • Field Detail

      • x

        public double x
      • y

        public double y
      • width

        public double width
      • height

        public double height
      • ulWidth

        public double ulWidth
      • ulHeight

        public double ulHeight
      • urWidth

        public double urWidth
      • urHeight

        public double urHeight
      • lrWidth

        public double lrWidth
      • lrHeight

        public double lrHeight
      • llWidth

        public double llWidth
      • llHeight

        public double llHeight
    • Constructor Detail

      • RoundRectangle

        public RoundRectangle​(float x,
                              float y,
                              float width,
                              float height,
                              float[] cornerDimensions)
        cornerDimensions - array of 8 floating-point number corresponding to the width and the height of each corner in the following order: upper-left, upper-right, lower-right, lower-left. It assumes for the size the same convention as RoundRectangle2D, that is that the width and height of a corner correspond to the total width and height of the ellipse that corner is a quarter of.