Class CachedPathIteratorFactory.CachedPathIterator

    • Method Detail

      • getCurrentSegmentLength

        public float getCurrentSegmentLength()
      • getCurrentSegmentEnd

        public void getCurrentSegmentEnd​(float[] point)
        Returns the point where the current segment ends
      • jumpToSegment

        public void jumpToSegment​(float length)
        Restarts the iterator and jumps all the segments of this path up to the length value.
      • currentSegment

        public int currentSegment​(float[] coords,
                                  float length)
        Returns the current segment up to certain length. If the current segment is shorter than length, then the whole segment is returned. The segment coordinates are copied into the coords array.
        the segment type
      • getTotalLength

        public float getTotalLength()
        Returns the total length of the path