Interface ShadowProvider

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    Shadows, Shadows, Shadows, Shadows

    public interface ShadowProvider
    Interface implemented by packages that provide shadows to Robolectric.
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        void reset()
        Reset the static state of all shadows provided by this package.
      • getProvidedPackageNames

        String[] getProvidedPackageNames()
        Array of Java package names that are shadowed by this package.
        Array of Java package names.
      • getShadowMap

        Map<String,​String> getShadowMap()
        Return the mapping of class name to shadow name.
        Shadow mapping.
      • getShadowPickerMap

        default Map<String,​String> getShadowPickerMap()
        Map of framework classes which may be represented by more than one shadow, to be picked at runtime.
        A map from the name of the framework class to the name of its {#link org.robolectric.shadow.apiShadowPicker}.