Annotation Type GetInstallerPackageNameMode

public @interface GetInstallerPackageNameMode
A Configurer annotation for controlling how Robolectric executes PackageManager#getInstallerPackageName method. 'getInstallerPackageName' method in PackageManager must throw IllegalArgumentException if the installer package is not present. The legacy robolectric behavior returns a null value for these cases. This annotation can be applied to tests to have Robolectric perform the legacy mechanism of not throwing IllegalArgumentException and instead return 'null', when installer package name is not found. This annotation will be deleted in a forthcoming Robolectric release.
  • Required Element Summary

    Required Elements 
    Modifier and Type Required Element Description
    GetInstallerPackageNameMode.Mode value  
  • Optional Element Summary

    Optional Elements 
    Modifier and Type Optional Element Description
    String issueId
    Optional string for storing the issue / bug id tracking the fixing of the affected tests and thus removal of this annotation.