Class ShadowWebSettings


@Implements(android.webkit.WebSettings.class) public class ShadowWebSettings extends Object
Shadow of WebSettings which returns a dummy user a stub instance rather than the User-Agent used by a WebView.
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowWebSettings

      public ShadowWebSettings()
  • Method Details

    • getDefaultUserAgent

      @Implementation protected static String getDefaultUserAgent(Context context)
      Returns the default User-Agent used by a WebView. An instance of WebView could use a different User-Agent if a call is made to WebSettings.setUserAgentString(String).
      context - a Context object used to access application assets
    • setDefaultUserAgent

      public static void setDefaultUserAgent(String defaultUserAgent)
      Sets the default user agent for the WebView. The value set here is returned from getDefaultUserAgent(Context).
    • reset

      @Resetter public static void reset()