Class ShadowVMRuntime


@Implements(value=dalvik.system.VMRuntime.class, isInAndroidSdk=false) public class ShadowVMRuntime extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowVMRuntime

      public ShadowVMRuntime()
  • Method Details

    • newUnpaddedArray

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) public Object newUnpaddedArray(Class<?> klass, int size)
    • newNonMovableArray

      @Implementation public Object newNonMovableArray(Class<?> type, int size)
    • addressOf

      @Implementation public long addressOf(Object obj)
      Returns a unique identifier of the object instead of a 'native' address.
    • getObjectForAddress

      @Nullable public Object getObjectForAddress(long address)
      Returns the object previously registered with addressOf(Object).
    • is64Bit

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected boolean is64Bit()
      Returns whether the VM is running in 64-bit mode. Available in Android L+. Defaults to true.
    • setIs64Bit

      public static void setIs64Bit(boolean is64Bit)
      Sets whether the VM is running in 64-bit mode.
    • getCurrentInstructionSet

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected static String getCurrentInstructionSet()
      Returns the instruction set of the current runtime.
    • setCurrentInstructionSet

      public static void setCurrentInstructionSet(@Nullable String currentInstructionSet)
      Sets the instruction set of the current runtime.
    • reset

      @Resetter public static void reset()
    • getNotifyNativeInterval

      @Implementation(minSdk=29) protected static int getNotifyNativeInterval()