Class ShadowRenderNode


@Implements(className="android.view.RenderNode", isInAndroidSdk=false, minSdk=21, maxSdk=28) public class ShadowRenderNode extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowRenderNode

      public ShadowRenderNode()
  • Method Details

    • setAlpha

      @Implementation protected boolean setAlpha(float alpha)
    • getAlpha

      @Implementation protected float getAlpha()
    • setCameraDistance

      @Implementation protected boolean setCameraDistance(float cameraDistance)
    • getCameraDistance

      @Implementation protected float getCameraDistance()
    • setClipToOutline

      @Implementation protected boolean setClipToOutline(boolean clipToOutline)
    • getClipToOutline

      @Implementation protected boolean getClipToOutline()
    • setElevation

      @Implementation protected boolean setElevation(float lift)
    • getElevation

      @Implementation protected float getElevation()
    • setHasOverlappingRendering

      @Implementation protected boolean setHasOverlappingRendering(boolean overlappingRendering)
    • hasOverlappingRendering

      @Implementation protected boolean hasOverlappingRendering()
    • setRotation

      @Implementation protected boolean setRotation(float rotation)
    • getRotation

      @Implementation protected float getRotation()
    • setRotationX

      @Implementation protected boolean setRotationX(float rotationX)
    • getRotationX

      @Implementation protected float getRotationX()
    • setRotationY

      @Implementation protected boolean setRotationY(float rotationY)
    • getRotationY

      @Implementation protected float getRotationY()
    • setScaleX

      @Implementation protected boolean setScaleX(float scaleX)
    • getScaleX

      @Implementation protected float getScaleX()
    • setScaleY

      @Implementation protected boolean setScaleY(float scaleY)
    • getScaleY

      @Implementation protected float getScaleY()
    • setTranslationX

      @Implementation protected boolean setTranslationX(float translationX)
    • setTranslationY

      @Implementation protected boolean setTranslationY(float translationY)
    • setTranslationZ

      @Implementation protected boolean setTranslationZ(float translationZ)
    • getTranslationX

      @Implementation protected float getTranslationX()
    • getTranslationY

      @Implementation protected float getTranslationY()
    • getTranslationZ

      @Implementation protected float getTranslationZ()
    • isPivotExplicitlySet

      @Implementation protected boolean isPivotExplicitlySet()
    • resetPivot

      @Implementation protected boolean resetPivot()
    • setPivotX

      @Implementation protected boolean setPivotX(float pivotX)
    • getPivotX

      @Implementation protected float getPivotX()
    • setPivotY

      @Implementation protected boolean setPivotY(float pivotY)
    • getPivotY

      @Implementation protected float getPivotY()
    • setLeft

      @Implementation protected boolean setLeft(int left)
    • getLeft

      @Implementation protected int getLeft()
    • setTop

      @Implementation protected boolean setTop(int top)
    • getTop

      @Implementation protected int getTop()
    • setRight

      @Implementation protected boolean setRight(int right)
    • getRight

      @Implementation protected int getRight()
    • setBottom

      @Implementation protected boolean setBottom(int bottom)
    • getBottom

      @Implementation protected int getBottom()
    • getWidth

      @Implementation protected int getWidth()
    • getHeight

      @Implementation protected int getHeight()
    • setLeftTopRightBottom

      @Implementation protected boolean setLeftTopRightBottom(int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
    • setPosition

      @Implementation protected boolean setPosition(int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
    • setPosition

      @Implementation protected boolean setPosition(Rect position)
    • offsetLeftAndRight

      @Implementation protected boolean offsetLeftAndRight(int offset)
    • offsetTopAndBottom

      @Implementation protected boolean offsetTopAndBottom(int offset)
    • getInverseMatrix

      @Implementation protected void getInverseMatrix(Matrix matrix)
    • getMatrix

      @Implementation protected void getMatrix(Matrix matrix)
    • hasIdentityMatrix

      @Implementation protected boolean hasIdentityMatrix()
    • isValid

      @Implementation protected boolean isValid()
    • nSetLayerType

      @Implementation protected static boolean nSetLayerType(long renderNode, int layerType)
      Implementation of native method nSetLayerType
      renderNode - Ignored
      layerType - Ignored
      Always true
    • nSetLayerPaint

      @Implementation protected static boolean nSetLayerPaint(long renderNode, long paint)
      Implementation of native method nSetLayerPaint
      renderNode - Ignored
      paint - Ignored
      Always true