Class ShadowDisplayEventReceiver


@Implements(className="android.view.DisplayEventReceiver", isInAndroidSdk=false, looseSignatures=true) public class ShadowDisplayEventReceiver extends Object
Shadow of DisplayEventReceiver. The Choreographer is a subclass of DisplayEventReceiver, and receives vsync events from the display indicating the frequency that frames should be generated.

The ShadowDisplayEventReceiver can run in either a paused mode or a non-paused mode, see ShadowChoreographer.isPaused() and ShadowChoreographer.setPaused(boolean). By default it runs unpaused, and each time a frame callback is scheduled with the Choreographer the clock is advanced to the next frame, configured by ShadowChoreographer.setFrameDelay(Duration). In paused mode the clock is not auto advanced and the next frame will only trigger when the clock is advance manually or via the ShadowLooper.