Class ShadowBluetoothGattServer


@Implements(value=android.bluetooth.BluetoothGattServer.class, minSdk=26) public class ShadowBluetoothGattServer extends Object
  • Field Details

    • bluetoothGattServerReflector

      @ReflectorObject protected org.robolectric.shadows.ShadowBluetoothGattServer.BluetoothGattServerReflector bluetoothGattServerReflector
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowBluetoothGattServer

      public ShadowBluetoothGattServer()
  • Method Details

    • close

      @Implementation protected void close()
      Close this GATT server instance.
    • cancelConnection

      @Implementation protected void cancelConnection(BluetoothDevice device)
      Disconnects an established connection, or cancels a connection attempt currently in progress.
      device - Remote device
    • sendResponse

      @Implementation protected boolean sendResponse(BluetoothDevice device, int requestId, int status, int offset, byte[] value)
      Send a response to a read or write request to a remote device.
      device - The remote device to send this response to
      requestId - The ID of the request that was received with the callback
      status - The status of the request to be sent to the remote devices
      offset - Value offset for partial read/write response
      value - The value of the attribute that was read/written (optional)
    • addService

      @Implementation protected boolean addService(BluetoothGattService service)
      Add a service to the GATT server.
      service - service to be added to GattServer
    • removeService

      @Implementation protected boolean removeService(BluetoothGattService service)
      Remove a service from the GATT server.
      service - service to be removed from GattServer
    • clearServices

      @Implementation protected void clearServices()
      Remove all services from the list of provided services.
    • getServices

      @Implementation protected List<BluetoothGattService> getServices()
      Returns a list of GATT services offered by this device.
    • getService

      @Implementation protected BluetoothGattService getService(UUID uuid)
      Returns a BluetoothGattService from the list of services offered by this device.

      If multiple instances of the same service (as identified by UUID) exist, the first instance of the service is returned.

      uuid - uuid of service
    • notifyConnection

      public void notifyConnection(BluetoothDevice device)
      Simulate a successful Gatt Server Connection with BluetoothConnectionManager. Performs a BluetoothGattCallback#onConnectionStateChange if available.
      device - remote device
    • notifyDisconnection

      public void notifyDisconnection(BluetoothDevice device)
      Simulate a successful Gatt Server Disconnection with BluetoothConnectionManager. Performs a BluetoothGattCallback#onConnectionStateChange if available, even when device was not connected initially.
      device - remote device
    • notifyOnCharacteristicWriteRequest

      public boolean notifyOnCharacteristicWriteRequest(BluetoothDevice device, int requestId, BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic, Boolean preparedWrite, Boolean responseNeeded, int offset, byte[] value)
      Simulate a Gatt characteristic write request to the Gatt Server by triggering the server callback.
      device - remote device
      requestId - id of the request
      characteristic - characteristic to be written to
      preparedWrite - true, if this write operation should be queued for later execution
      responseNeeded - true, if the remote device requires a response
      offset - the offset given for the value
      value - the value the client wants to assign to the characteristic
    • isConnectionCancelled

      public boolean isConnectionCancelled(BluetoothDevice device)
      Get whether the device's connection has been cancelled.
      device - remote device
    • isConnectedToDevice

      public boolean isConnectedToDevice(BluetoothDevice device)
      Returns true if the connection status of remote device is connected
      device - remote device
    • getResponses

      public List<byte[]> getResponses()
      Get a copy of the list of responses that have been sent.
    • clearResponses

      public void clearResponses()
      Clear the list of responses.
    • getWrittenBytes

      public List<byte[]> getWrittenBytes()
      Get a copy of the list of bytes that have been received.
    • clearWrittenBytes

      public void clearWrittenBytes()
      Clear the list of written bytes.
    • isClosed

      public boolean isClosed()
      Get whether server has been closed.
    • setGattServerCallback

      public void setGattServerCallback(BluetoothGattServerCallback callback)
    • getGattServerCallback

      public BluetoothGattServerCallback getGattServerCallback()
    • getBluetoothConnectionManager

      public org.robolectric.shadows.BluetoothConnectionManager getBluetoothConnectionManager()