Class MavenArtifactFetcher


public class MavenArtifactFetcher extends Object
Class responsible for fetching artifacts from Maven. This uses a thread pool of size two in order to parallelize downloads. It uses the Sun JSSE provider for downloading due to its seamless integration with HTTPUrlConnection.
  • Constructor Details

    • MavenArtifactFetcher

      public MavenArtifactFetcher(String repositoryUrl, String repositoryUserName, String repositoryPassword, String proxyHost, int proxyPort, File localRepositoryDir, ExecutorService executorService)
  • Method Details

    • fetchArtifact

      public void fetchArtifact(MavenJarArtifact artifact)
    • createFetchToFileTask

      protected<Void> createFetchToFileTask(URL remoteUrl, File tempFile)