Class ShadowPowerManager.ShadowWakeLock

Enclosing class:

@Implements(android.os.PowerManager.WakeLock.class) public static class ShadowPowerManager.ShadowWakeLock extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowWakeLock

      public ShadowWakeLock()
  • Method Details

    • acquire

      @Implementation protected void acquire()
    • acquire

      @Implementation protected void acquire(long timeout)
    • release

      @Implementation protected void release(int flags)
      Releases the wake lock. The flags are ignored.
    • isHeld

      @Implementation protected boolean isHeld()
    • isReferenceCounted

      public boolean isReferenceCounted()
      Retrieves if the wake lock is reference counted or not
      Is the wake lock reference counted?
    • setReferenceCounted

      @Implementation protected void setReferenceCounted(boolean value)
    • setWorkSource

      @Implementation protected void setWorkSource(WorkSource ws)
    • getWorkSource

      public WorkSource getWorkSource()
    • getTimesHeld

      public int getTimesHeld()
      Returns how many times the wakelock was held.
    • getTag

      @HiddenApi @Implementation(minSdk=26) public String getTag()
      Returns the tag.
    • setTag

      @Implementation(minSdk=22) protected void setTag(String tag)
      Sets the tag.