Class ShadowActivity

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  • Constructor Details

    • ShadowActivity

      public ShadowActivity()
  • Method Details

    • setApplication

      public void setApplication(Application application)
    • callAttach

      public void callAttach(Intent intent)
    • callAttach

      public void callAttach(Intent intent, @Nullable Bundle activityOptions)
    • callAttach

      public void callAttach(Intent intent, @Nullable Bundle activityOptions, @Nullable Object lastNonConfigurationInstances)
    • callAttach

      public void callAttach(Intent intent, @Nullable Bundle activityOptions, @Nullable Object lastNonConfigurationInstances, @Nullable Configuration overrideConfig)
    • setCallingActivity

      public void setCallingActivity(@Nullable ComponentName activityName)
      Sets the calling activity that will be reflected in Activity.getCallingActivity() and Activity.getCallingPackage().
    • getCallingActivity

      @Implementation protected ComponentName getCallingActivity()
    • setCallingPackage

      public void setCallingPackage(@Nullable String packageName)
      Sets the calling package that will be reflected in Activity.getCallingActivity() and Activity.getCallingPackage().

      Activity name defaults to some default value.

    • getCallingPackage

      @Implementation protected String getCallingPackage()
    • setDefaultKeyMode

      @Implementation protected void setDefaultKeyMode(int keyMode)
    • getDefaultKeymode

      public int getDefaultKeymode()
    • setShowWhenLocked

      @Implementation(minSdk=27) protected void setShowWhenLocked(boolean showWhenLocked)
    • getShowWhenLocked

      @RequiresApi(api=27) public boolean getShowWhenLocked()
    • setTurnScreenOn

      @Implementation(minSdk=27) protected void setTurnScreenOn(boolean turnScreenOn)
    • getTurnScreenOn

      @RequiresApi(api=27) public boolean getTurnScreenOn()
    • setResult

      @Implementation protected final void setResult(int resultCode)
    • setResult

      @Implementation protected final void setResult(int resultCode, Intent data)
    • getLayoutInflater

      @Implementation protected LayoutInflater getLayoutInflater()
    • getMenuInflater

      @Implementation protected MenuInflater getMenuInflater()
    • findViewById

      @Implementation protected View findViewById(int id)
      Checks to ensure that thecontentView has been set
      id - ID of the view to find
      the view
      RuntimeException - if the contentView has not been called first
    • getParent

      @Implementation protected final Activity getParent()
    • setParent

      @HiddenApi @Implementation public void setParent(Activity parent)
      Allow setting of Parent fragmentActivity (for unit testing purposes only)
      parent - Parent fragmentActivity to set on this fragmentActivity
    • onBackPressed

      @Implementation protected void onBackPressed()
    • finish

      @Implementation protected void finish()
    • finishAndRemoveTask

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected void finishAndRemoveTask()
    • finishAffinity

      @Implementation protected void finishAffinity()
    • resetIsFinishing

      public void resetIsFinishing()
    • isFinishing

      @Implementation(minSdk=16) protected boolean isFinishing()
      Returns whether finish() was called.

      Note: this method seems redundant, but removing it will cause problems for Mockito spies of Activities that call Activity.finish() followed by Activity.isFinishing(). This is because `finish` modifies the members of realActivity, so `isFinishing` should refer to those same members.

    • getWindow

      @Implementation protected Window getWindow()
      Constructs a new Window (a PhoneWindow) if no window has previously been set.
      the window associated with this Activity
    • getSplashScreen

      @Implementation(minSdk=31) protected Object getSplashScreen()
      fake SplashScreen
    • setWindow

      public void setWindow(Window window)
    • runOnUiThread

      @Implementation protected void runOnUiThread(Runnable action)
    • setRequestedOrientation

      @Implementation protected void setRequestedOrientation(int requestedOrientation)
    • getRequestedOrientation

      @Implementation protected int getRequestedOrientation()
    • getTaskId

      @Implementation protected int getTaskId()
    • startIntentSenderForResult

      @Implementation public void startIntentSenderForResult(IntentSender intentSender, int requestCode, @Nullable Intent fillInIntent, int flagsMask, int flagsValues, int extraFlags, Bundle options) throws IntentSender.SendIntentException
    • reportFullyDrawn

      @Implementation(minSdk=19) protected void reportFullyDrawn()
    • getReportFullyDrawn

      public boolean getReportFullyDrawn()
      whether ReportFullyDrawn() methods has been called.
    • getContentView

      public View getContentView()
      the contentView set by one of the setContentView() methods
    • getResultCode

      public int getResultCode()
      the resultCode set by one of the setResult() methods
    • getResultIntent

      public Intent getResultIntent()
      the Intent set by setResult(int, android.content.Intent)
    • getNextStartedActivityForResult

      public ShadowActivity.IntentForResult getNextStartedActivityForResult()
      Consumes and returns the next Intent on the started activities for results stack.
      getNextStartedActivityForResult in class ShadowContextWrapper
      the next started Intent for an activity, wrapped in an ShadowActivity.IntentForResult object
    • peekNextStartedActivityForResult

      public ShadowActivity.IntentForResult peekNextStartedActivityForResult()
      Returns the most recent Intent started by Activity.startActivityForResult(Intent, int) without consuming it.
      peekNextStartedActivityForResult in class ShadowContextWrapper
      the most recently started Intent, wrapped in an ShadowActivity.IntentForResult object
    • getLastNonConfigurationInstance

      @Implementation protected Object getLastNonConfigurationInstance()
    • setLastNonConfigurationInstance

      @Deprecated public void setLastNonConfigurationInstance(Object lastNonConfigurationInstance)
    • setCurrentFocus

      public void setCurrentFocus(View view)
      view - View to focus.
    • getCurrentFocus

      @Implementation protected View getCurrentFocus()
    • getPendingTransitionEnterAnimationResourceId

      public int getPendingTransitionEnterAnimationResourceId()
    • getPendingTransitionExitAnimationResourceId

      public int getPendingTransitionExitAnimationResourceId()
    • onCreateOptionsMenu

      @Implementation protected boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu)
    • getOptionsMenu

      public Menu getOptionsMenu()
      Return the options menu.
      Options menu.
    • clickMenuItem

      public boolean clickMenuItem(int menuItemResId)
      Perform a click on a menu item.
      menuItemResId - Menu item resource ID.
      True if the click was handled, false otherwise.
    • callOnActivityResult

      @Deprecated public void callOnActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent resultData)
    • internalCallDispatchActivityResult

      public void internalCallDispatchActivityResult(String who, int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data)
      For internal use only. Not for public use.
    • attachController

      public <T extends Activity> void attachController(ActivityController controller)
      For internal use only. Not for public use.
    • setThrowIntentSenderException

      public void setThrowIntentSenderException(boolean throwIntentSenderException)
      Sets if startIntentSenderForRequestCode will throw an IntentSender.SendIntentException.
    • receiveResult

      public void receiveResult(Intent requestIntent, int resultCode, Intent resultIntent)
    • showDialog

      @Implementation protected final void showDialog(int id)
    • dismissDialog

      @Implementation protected final void dismissDialog(int id)
    • removeDialog

      @Implementation protected final void removeDialog(int id)
    • showDialog

      @Implementation protected final boolean showDialog(int id, Bundle bundle)
    • setIsTaskRoot

      public void setIsTaskRoot(boolean isRoot)
    • isTaskRoot

      @Implementation protected final boolean isTaskRoot()
    • getLastShownDialogId

      public Integer getLastShownDialogId()
      the dialog resource id passed into Activity.showDialog(int, Bundle) or Activity.showDialog(int)
    • hasCancelledPendingTransitions

      public boolean hasCancelledPendingTransitions()
    • overridePendingTransition

      @Implementation protected void overridePendingTransition(int enterAnim, int exitAnim)
    • getDialogById

      public Dialog getDialogById(int dialogId)
    • onDestroy

      @Implementation protected void onDestroy()
    • recreate

      @Implementation protected void recreate()
    • startManagingCursor

      @Implementation protected void startManagingCursor(Cursor c)
    • stopManagingCursor

      @Implementation protected void stopManagingCursor(Cursor c)
    • getManagedCursors

      public List<Cursor> getManagedCursors()
    • setVolumeControlStream

      @Implementation protected final void setVolumeControlStream(int streamType)
    • getVolumeControlStream

      @Implementation protected final int getVolumeControlStream()
    • requestPermissions

      @Implementation(minSdk=23) protected final void requestPermissions(String[] permissions, int requestCode)
    • startLockTask

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected void startLockTask()
      Starts a lock task.

      The status of the lock task can be verified using isLockTask() method. Otherwise this implementation has no effect.

    • stopLockTask

      @Implementation(minSdk=21) protected void stopLockTask()
      Stops a lock task.

      The status of the lock task can be verified using isLockTask() method. Otherwise this implementation has no effect.

    • isLockTask

      @Deprecated public boolean isLockTask()
      Returns if the activity is in the lock task mode.
    • setInMultiWindowMode

      public void setInMultiWindowMode(boolean value)
      Changes state of isInMultiWindowMode() method.
    • isInMultiWindowMode

      @Implementation(minSdk=24) protected boolean isInMultiWindowMode()
    • isInPictureInPictureMode

      @Implementation(minSdk=24) protected boolean isInPictureInPictureMode()
    • enterPictureInPictureMode

      @Implementation(minSdk=24) protected void enterPictureInPictureMode()
    • enterPictureInPictureMode

      @Implementation(minSdk=26) protected boolean enterPictureInPictureMode(PictureInPictureParams params)
    • moveTaskToBack

      @Implementation protected boolean moveTaskToBack(boolean nonRoot)
    • getLastIntentSenderRequest

      public ShadowActivity.IntentSenderRequest getLastIntentSenderRequest()
      Gets the last startIntentSenderForResult request made to this activity.
      The IntentSender request details.
    • getLastRequestedPermission

      public ShadowActivity.PermissionsRequest getLastRequestedPermission()
      Gets the last permission request submitted to this activity.
      The permission request details.
    • initializeVoiceInteractor

      public void initializeVoiceInteractor()
      Initializes the associated Activity with an VoiceInteractor instance. Subsequent Activity.getVoiceInteractor() calls on the associated activity will return a VoiceInteractor instance
    • callOnGetDirectActions

      public void callOnGetDirectActions(CancellationSignal cancellationSignal, Consumer<List<DirectAction>> callback)
      Calls Activity#onGetDirectActions with the given parameters. This method also simulates the Parcel serialization/deserialization which occurs when assistant requests DirectAction.