Class DefaultSdkProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:

@AutoService(SdkProvider.class) @Priority(-2147483648) public class DefaultSdkProvider extends Object implements SdkProvider
Robolectric's default SdkProvider.

The list of SDKs is hard-coded. SDKs are obtained from the provided DependencyResolver.

  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultSdkProvider

      @Inject public DefaultSdkProvider(DependencyResolver dependencyResolver)
  • Method Details

    • populateSdks

      protected void populateSdks(TreeMap<Integer,Sdk> knownSdks)
    • getSdks

      public Collection<Sdk> getSdks()
      Description copied from interface: SdkProvider
      Returns the set of SDKs available to run tests against. It's okay for the implementation to block briefly while building the list; the results will be cached.
      Specified by:
      getSdks in interface SdkProvider