Package org.robolectric.pluginapi

Extension points for customizing Robolectric.

Robolectric has many components which can be customized or replaced using an extension mechanism based on Java Services.

Historically, customizing Robolectric required subclassing RobolectricTestRunner to override behavior at various ad-hoc extension points. This mechanism is now deprecated. The Plugin API provides a number of well documented and supported extension points allowing you to customize behavior for your organization's needs.

The interfaces listed below can be implemented with customizations suitable for your organization. To make your custom implementation visible to Robolectric, publish it as a service and include it in the test classpath.

Extension points:

See Also:
Google AutoService for a helpful way to define Java Services.
  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
    Loads the Robolectric native runtime.
    A provider of known instances of Sdk.
    Plugin which allows behaviour extension in TestEnvironment.
    Represents the contents of a uses-sdk element in an Android manifest file.
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    Represents a unique build of the Android SDK.
  • Annotation Types Summary 
    Annotation Type Description
    Marks a component of Robolectric that may be replaced with a custom implementation.